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Fingernails made of gold??

August 12th, 2006 at 07:01 am

I was driving in the car yesterday with some of my kids and I started listening to their conversation. I hear my son say, "Wouldn't it be nice if our fingernails were made of gold and everytime we clipped them we could sell them for a lot of money?".

My daughter responded by informing him that gold isn't really worth that much and he probably wouldn't make that much money if that could happen.

Where do my children come up with this stuff?

How much is gold worth anyway?......

7 Responses to “Fingernails made of gold??”

  1. baselle Says:

    Right now, over $600/oz.

    The bad thing though is that if fingernails were made of gold, then gold would be common as fingernails. You wouldn't imagine making a ring out of it, it would be like making a ring out of fingernails. Nobody would pay a lot of money for gold - they would just trim their own fingernails instead. Smile

  2. debtfree Says:

    True! I never thoought of it that way. Embarrassment)

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Would'nt it be nice if they were getting this stuff from analyzing CNBC instead of watching "Full House" and the "Suite Life of Zac and Cody"??

  4. daybyday Says:

    Would criminals start using nail clippers as assault weapons?

  5. jay Says:

    first of all.. sure gold is worth a lot but have you ever tried to buy a ring made out of human bones? trust me.. more expensive..

  6. jay Says:

    selling bones wether animal or not.. especially full animals is big money.. im sure to most quite morbid.. i personally collect bone artifacts and statuettes, infact i buy reptile animal and even human skeletons for scientific/educational studies. most of the time im fortunate enough to have these sent to me by folk who would like to contribute. sometimes i purchase these.. gold is worth by weight.. but if you've no clue how to refine to turn into precious things its worthless.. there is not enough gold in fortknox to back up our current currency.. the paper you hold as a dollar is actually in technical terms worthless. it is just paper with a design.. and the design as unique as it is, is all its worth. art on paper thats what a dollar is worth. no more. funny isn't it?

  7. jay Says:

    i'd love to hear any correction by the way.. as im sure not many wil but a few handfuls will argue.. however.. go sreach what the government spends.. sorry to say.. but there isn't that much gold. for what we HAVE spent, and what we STILL spend. speak educate hope someone will learn and become wiser.. your son for what he said.. i actually give him respect.. its not a childish thought.. its the thought of a genius yet to become famous. we've yet to make art or money of fingernails..sounds like something i'd purchase.. then again..fingernails were a big contribution to necklaces in cannibalistic tribes from which all human kind evolved from. research it.

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